CH DJ, GrandCH Ag, GrandCH Ag (NC) Chaos
DOB: 13/08/2006
Sex: Male
Chaos was the result of a lot of planning and researching.  I had been looking at lines and breeders for a few months, when I had the oppertunity to run a friends dog.  I was instantly in love.  The dog was high drive, eager to please and very fast... AND had very intense herding instinct, if you gave him the oppertunity, he woul shoot off and do an agility course herding style.  I contacted the breeder and as luck would have it, she was repeating the same mating 8 months later.  I immediately booked the puppy and the long wait started...  This gave me time to plan a proper training schedule, which has really paid off in the long term.

Since Chaos's breeder lives on a remote working sheep farm a few hundred kilometers from me and she has no internet access, the first oppertunity I had to see the puppies, was when I had to go and choose my new addition.  There were three males in the litter, but Chaos immediately caught my eye, his keen interest and focus grabbed me and there was no doubt in my mind that this was the right dog for me.

I have had my fair share of problems with Chaos, but he is an absolutely spectacular dog with huge potential in agility.  He is an amazing boy to have at home, his on/off switch works perfectly.  He is the most relaxed dog at home, but the moment he hears the word 'work' he is ready.  And he does not stop, he will try his utmost to please me every step of the way.  I only started competing with him as a three year old and he has achieved a lot since then.  Chaos is definitely my heart dog.

Some of Chaos's achievements:

- Qualified for the World Team try-outs in 2009
- Qualified for the World Team try-outs and the South African Agility championships in 2010 and 2011
- Contact QC under Darryl Laycock, TKC Champ Show, 9 October 2010, at his second show in Agility 3.  Another Contact QC as well as a Non-Contact QC in PE 2011.  On 27 August 2011, Chaos won yet another Non-Contact QC under Andrew Wright.
-  Finished 4th in the Gauteng Agility League 2010, out of a 129 dogs (all height categories combined), 3rd Large dog.
- Finished 7th in the Gauteng Agility League 2011, out of 94 dogs, all categories combined.
- Finished 5th in the Gauteng Dog Jumping League 2011.
-  Chaos is a Dog Jumping Champion.  Winning his three Qualifying Certificates in 2 months.
-  NAPC Top Dog 2012 Over-All Agility Winner

2012 Achievements

- Won 19 Qualifying Certificates
- Agility Champion, Agility Non- Contact Champion
- Represented South Africa at the FCI Agility World Championships in Liberec, finishing 9th in the team event
- Won Best of the Best Large
- Runner up in the Gauteng Agility League
- Part of the Gauteng Team that won the Dog Jumping and Agility Inter-Provincials
- Winner National Dog Jumping League 2012


- Contact Agility Grand Champion
- NAPC Top Dog Winner of Contact, Non-Contact and Dog Jumping
- 13 Qualifying Certificates for 2014
- More than 30 QC's in total
- Non-Contact Agility Grand Champion
- South African Dog Jumping Champion 2013
- Winner National Agility League 2013


- 12 Qualifying Certificates for 2014 as of 2014/06/22
- A total of 50 QC's won
- Reserve South African Agility Champion 2014

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