Giftnell You Don't Say
Sex: Male
Blue and White
When Delta's breeder if I would like to have one of the pups from her soon to be litters, I was very excited.  I started getting ready for my new addition...

Delta is probably the noisiest Border Collie you will ever meet.  When he is not barking he is whinging and whe he is not whinging he is screaming.  We have decided that his 'blue gene' is the largest contributor to his madness. Although he is quite a small boy (measuring just over 45cm at the shoulder), Delta has excellent conformation.  His short sting in the breed ring however, was not so successful as Delta believes the best way to carry your tail is as high up over your back as possible.

Initially I struggled with Delta's toy drive, his attention span was very short and a ball would only hold his attention for 30 seconds.  He had no interest in tugging whatsoever.  I spent months purely working on his toy drive and attention.  But it all paid off.  Delta qualified into the highest grades in Agility.  He has never been the easiest dog to run, often following his own head, rather than trusting my judgement.  Due to his small size and sqaure build, he has always struggled with the jump heights.  It is because of this, that I retired Delta from formal competition.  He still does enjoy his informal training sessions on lower heights and under less pressure.

Some of Delta's achievements:

- Qualified into the highest grades in Agility and Dog Jumping.
- Various QC's in Agility
- Qualified for the South African Agility Championships all three years that he was entered.
- Qualified for the Gauteng A Dog Jumping team twice