Storm Damage
DOB: 24/12/2006
Sex: Male
Black and White

Quake is often referred to as my 'accident'.  I had a 5 month old puppy (Chaos) that was taking up all my time and attention when Quake 'happened'.  A friend of mine had bred his male (who was a double world champion in the team event) to a local bitch.  A few of my friends (and top handlers) had already booked puppies from this litter, so I followed the progression of the pups quite closesly.  There were two half white faced boys in the litter, the breeder had already decided to keep one, but no-one wanted Quake.  All the bookings that the breeder had were cancelled because of the half white face.  For some or other reason I made a snap decision and decided to take the young man.

 I absolutely adore the Monster, he is a quirky sole and you cannot help but to love him.  But I was not prepared for raising two puppies, I was at a stage in my life where time and money was limited and to this day I regret neglecting Quake's training.  He is a dog with a lot of potential, but has environment issues, struggling to concentrate and drive in venues he does not know.  And this is all my fault.

Regardless Quake's training is back on track (a few years late, but so be it) and me and him are enjoying each other tremendously.  Monster Man stared his official agility career in 2011 with a few placings, right now we are working on his confidence issues... watch this space.  Quake is the lover of cats and can regularly be found playing with our legged cat who cannot decide whether he is human or a dog, or lounging about with the Maine Coone.