Friday, January 14, 2011

Quake Monster

Sorry, I know I just did a post, but I have to make this post right now... while I am in that retarded-heart-swollen-tear-inducing mode...

Most of you don't know much about my struggles with Quake, other than I should have NEVER gotten two puppies (Monster and Spaz) so close together... well not in the stage of my life I was then in anyway.  But let me (try and) give the concise version.

Because of Chaos's extreme work ethic (that dog would work in the middle of the Brisbane floods while Iceland's volcano is erupting and there is a South African Taxi rank war is going simultaneously right above his head) he was the most fun dog ever to train.  He has serious limitations and serious issues, but he makes you forget about those things because of his willingness...  Then there is Monstrous... from day one, you could see the potential oozing from this dog, but that by no means implicates that he is easy to work with.  Yes, every single problem Quake has is my LACK of training, but I am trying to make it up to the Monster

He simply does not have the same work ethic and he likes things his way and he is sooooo good at the whole middle finger thing.  For years now I experienced so many reactions to my little (big) boy...  First of all two of his sisters are multiple champions.  So often  I would get that 'wtf, are you really that crap?' look.  Then there are the people that see Quake and immediately go... oh shame he is the runt of the litter?  And of course none of those reactions help.  I have traveled a very informative and difficult journey with this dog.  I love him to bits, I cannot imagine my life without him.  And honestly I don't care if he ever officially competes.  I am going to enter him this weekend NFC and see what he does, he can make that choice.  Whatever he decides to do, I will have his ball with me and I will find something to reward!

BUT to all you none-believers out there, I present my (not so) baby boy.

Haha, yes just some training in the garden, but if you had traveled this journey with me you would have been just as proud as  I am right now.  Love you Monster Man.

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