Friday, May 20, 2011

Durban update

Well I am doing a quick update from the KZN May Extravaganza... The weekend started out bad, as in really bad... Never mind that I (yes, me, Miss Insomniac, never get bloody decent sleep EVER) overslept... which meant I was late to leave... now those that know me know how much I HATE HATE HATE HATE F#$^%$#^ HATE being late... cannot stand it.   And ofc my stupid mind and body decides to do this to me the ONE morning we cannot afford to be late...   we were supposed to leave at 03h00 for the 5 hour drive that would take us to the show that started at 09h00...  That however is nothing compared to what was to come...

Since we were running late I phoned friend C to ask her to collect numbers etc... she phoned me back very shortly with terrible news, three of our fellow agility competitors had been in a very serious accident... in a spot that we were still to pass.  As we drew closer, the roads were closed in order to airlift our friends to nearby hospitals... Since R was driving, I jumped out and walked the 1km to the accident scene.  First of all, thank you to the paramedics for not only taking care of the people at the scene, but also actually caring about the dogs.  To L and R for driving there to see their closest friends in that condition... how many wonderful people helping out.  From what we have heard, all three our fellow dogdom people are in very serious condition, but they will live, all the dogs are physically fine.  For all the people that was in constant communication with us from the showgrounds... thank you... For the ENTIRE show waiting for me and R thank you so very much.

After that agility didn't matter very much, I am SUPER happy with the Spaz and full updates will follow, but for now I ask all of you to have faith in whatever you believe in for Kay, Stefanie and Judith.  They are all alive and breathing and I will try and update you on a regular basis... for now the reports are that Kay's badly shattered leg and arm (elbow) CAN heal with the correct procedures.  Judith's bruised lungs and thorax will heal (possible broken hip) and Stefanie is out of ICU and all the blood on her head was mostly superficial, but the broken bones were very real.  Right now all I remember is that there was a lot of blood, broken glass, leaking fuel and wreckage.  I know the update is sketchy for now, but they will live and the dogs are fine.

Huge compliments to the South African agility community who have pulled together and is helping out in all aspects.

But most of all... EVERY single paramedic present on that scene (and there were A LOT)... you were amazing.

Sorry for the VERY unlike 'me-post' but it was a hard day...

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  1. These situations always give us a wake up call. So easily it could be anyone of us. Thank God they are alive and the dogs are fine.