Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Projects, Tunnels and Cold Fronts

It is damn cold again... as in ridiculously damn cold...  Now please understand, I am a winter person, I LOVE winter... much prefer being cold to be hot... mainly because you can always put more clothes on, but you can only take that much off...  But I don't like endless months of winter, I am ready for warmer weather now.  Cold makes training unpleasant.  Regardless, I have actually been training this week... the dogs think it is awesome... I think it is cold, but they are always more important right? 

I read through my last few posts and realise it has been ages since I bored you with how much I am enjoying Volt...  he is just so keen and excited about everything.  That enthusiasm even overrides the extremely high-pitched annoying screaming that comes from that tiny little throat when I train the other dogs.  Since Volt is so responsive and has been 'getting' the technical skills so quickly and I don't believe in pushing technical skills too soon with young dogs, I have been working on some very plain and simple tunnel drive exercises.  It has been fun.

I do use a really annoying high-pitched voice when training him though.  That HAS to stop... it is just NOT on...  Why do I do it?  Who the hell knows, but perhaps it is a sub-concious reaction to him being a little dog.  No excuse though, I will now be concentrating on that, before I burst Volt or the neighbour's eardrums.  Or slit my wrists for being that ridiculous :)

On other fronts... I have decided on a new project... not giving any details yet, but here is a teaser :)

Hmmm, what else can I ramble about?  Oh yes, normally I just play with Delta with a ball to rid him of the excessive insane and schizophrenic energy that consumes his little body...  but when making the above video, Delta dusted off the cobwebs to go and do some contacts for me... and man, oh man, it has been a LONG time since I have seen a BC smile THAT much.  While dogs do agility because we love agility (I have never seen a dog teach itself the weave poles by choice after all), they love it just as much.  My 10-year old mad child proved that...  so I will let him do a bit now and then... just because he loves it.  Maybe he will run into fewer trees and stop climbing into the tub and out the bathroom window.  Haha, I have high hopes.  I did however discover that Delta LOVES butter lettuce... he will do any trick in the book for it.  Odd ball dog...

Anyhow until next time then!

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