Friday, September 23, 2011

Last weekend's show, Computer Frustration and Being Clumsy

Hmmm, what shall we start with tonight?  I will have a quick ramble about LAST weekend's show, yes I know, I have been terribly lazy.

Spaz didn't have the best day, he was just off... I can sympathize, I mean just ask the hubby, every now and again I get so cranky that he fears flying crockery, other days I just DO not want to do anything and some days I am like an ADD squirrel on acid, bouncing off the walls... no I am NOT bipolar or manic depressive (those the PC terms?), I am just trying to state that we all have different moods, so do our dogs.  Spaz was off.  I checked him out, did some good massages during the week just in case, but he honestly seems fine.  I think he was just off.  I give that to him, he got some good time off agility this week.  We trained today and he was back to the super-uberness!

Here is the video of last weekend anyway and YES I KNOW I made a spelling mistake, but my stupid video editing software AND converting software is playing up, @#$%^@#$^@$%^ which also means the next instalment of my on-line training course will be a day late...

Anyhow, back to my actual reasons for posting tonight... first of all, I REALLY managed to do it this week.  First I had a whole pile of books fall on my head (trust me you don't want to know how I managed that), resulting in a slightly swollen and bruised face, then I managed to run into a wing while training the Stein and to top it all off, thinking I am Wonder Woman, I ignored a 'wet floor' sign in a local mall and wiped... as in big time.  One of those arms flailing, head hitting the shelf, legs twisted under my body WIPE OUT.  So we will see how the bruised body handles the show on Sunday...

I have some serious agility things I want to write about in the near future, but I am still thinking about them... watch this space.

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