Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chaos, 666 and Championship Status

I have tons to write.  Cannot wait to write about the AWC.  So many things to say and so glad I could watch it throughout the weekend, although my hubby wasn't too impressed with that, since that meant he had to eat takeaways the whole weekend.  Right now,  my Spaz boy Chaos deserves the attention though.  As I have said before we have three 'jumping disciplines' in South Africa.  Contact Agility, Non-Contact Agility and Dog Jumping.  Dog Jumping is based on horse jumping and started in the early 1980's.  There are a lot of differences between the rules of Dog Jumping and Agility, but the main difference is the jump-off.  You run a course and all the dogs that have a clear round, get to go through to the jump off, which is basically a shortened course and each dog starts with a clean slate.  The winner of the jump-off in the highest grades, wins a QC (Qualifying Certificate), provided there are at least three dogs with three different handlers competing.

To my non-South-African readers, this must seem like a silly thing.  But I cannot describe the fun and serious competition that makes this sport different from Agility.  And today Chaos got his third QC, making him a dog jumping champion.  He managed to get this status in 2 months and 4 days.  Not that it matters, what matters is how proud I am of that dog and how much he has given me and how hard he tries.  Love you my Spaz!  And considering my catalogue number was 666 today, it just proves there is no need to be superstitious.

And the full jump-off on the day:

As for the rest of the weekend, we had some a lot of good rounds and one or two bad rounds.  I am very happy with his progress in consistency (haha and mine).  On Saturday, he knocked a bar in the Non-Contact Agility and I chose to stop and put the bar back up, so an elimination.  He knocked another bar in the contact round, but had a lovely round otherwise to earn him a second place.  On Sunday he fell off the dog walk, as it was a bit of an awkward angle and I took the chance of not curving him before hand and just leaving him to find the dog walk himself, bad handler, the rest of his round was pretty good.  In Non-Contact Agility on Sunday, I messed up one bit of handling, but managed to (very messily) correct it, to earn another second place with a clear round.  And of course his win in Dog Jumping on Sunday.  NO knocked bars the entire day, woohoo, training is paying off!  And this result, was good enough to earn him the 'Best Large Dog' award of the day.

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