Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Videos, Dog Walks and The Cat

Okay I have been doing a shizer load of video editing in the last while, so I will start off with the vids I made for other people and myself:

Friends and Training Partners' videos:

Helena and Chili:

Wayne with Bella and Roxy... very impressive for someone that started competing in August (and only a few months of training before that)

Jason and Jag... the Croatian BC.

Then of course my own little monster... just a November update:

And then my superstar, my heart and soul, Chaos... eish, I had to spend hours to select my REALLY favourite rounds of 2011...

Now, just on a catty note... if you watch the videos of Volt (all the videos of Volt I have ever made) I challenge you to 'spot the cat'.  It is very funny, but Volt's bestest friend in the world, his three legged tjommie (friend), Loki, can be spotted in almost all his videos.  Why do you ask?  Well every time I train the little man, the tripod joins in.  He goes over jumps, runs through tunnels, blocks the dog walk and generally tries to distract Volt, with no luck.  Oh my hat, the cat!

Today was a big day for Volt (and there for Loki too)... we did our first full Dog Walks.  A lot of work to be done still, but I am content with his first ever dog walks.  Yes there is some over-shooting (much rather that than creeping), yes, still a bit slow, but that is just confidence and it was his first ever session, yes his striding is not ideal yet.  Tons to work on, but still SO exciting.  I love this age (around 15-18 months), the progress is jaw dropping, they learn so quickly and so much LEKKER (good, nice, fun) fine-tuning to do...

I will leave you with that for tonight...

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