Saturday, March 24, 2012

SO much to write about.... so let's start here... oh yes AND the Tyre Jump (well the rigid one)

I have given up on chronological order.... just doesn't make sense in my life anymore.  In fact I don't think my LIFE is happening in chronological order anymore...

So first we will talk about Chaos and the SA Champs/AWC Qualifier Trials... FINALLY all trials have been completed and I can post a video of Spaz doing his bestness with a lacking handler.  Honestly, this it he highest up I have ever been with ANY dog and I do have a small wheel-barrow full of points, so please realise I am NOT complaining about my tied 4th place for the trials, however, it WAS a bit disappointing to drop 2 spots after the last trial because I am a spastic!  Of course this does not mean too much in the long run, at the end of the day we need to go the finals in June and do our thee-ang.  Which, just by the way, we ARE planning to do... I do hope the Czech Republic is beckoning though...

Here are all Spaz's rounds though... as the trials go on (each one was run on a different day), you can see my nerves disappearing and my trust in my dog manifesting...

Thanks Lucy for the lucky shirt btw!

Oh yes and I KNOW I use that song a lot, but since Youtube blocks 99.9999999999% of the audio on whatever I upload, I tend to go for my 'safe, inspiring' songs and this one is VERY  much suited to Agility...

I made TONS of vids through-out these trials, so here are just two of the comparisons I did:

Now in my mind, I was going to take a few weeks off from being competitive and rather get my heightened mental stage back about 2 weeks before the finals, I mean I would enter the show and run with no expectations and only training in mind... although I KNEW this was not realistic, since I KNEW I really wanted my last Contact QC (Champ Ticket)... the first opportunity for that came about on Friday night.... and Spaz did it for me.  After some stressful moments might we add.... Chaos is now a CONTACT Champion!  Of course after achieving this, Chaos decided FOR me that we were taking our 'chill from competition time'... mentally anyway... that means BOTH of us... since that round last night, Chaos has had THE most wild, uncontrolled and brainless rounds I have ever seen.  Seriously, Chaos has completely lost his mind, and I will have to compose a special video to demonstrate his madness... which includes shooting halfway across a course to go and spin himself around into a perfect 2o2o on the DW for no discernible reason.

For those that were there today, don't stress too much, I PROMISE the comments of Chaos being for sale or even FREE to a good home is not true!  I do still love him to tiny, thousand bits that are embedded in my blood stream :)

Now on to Super Sheltie, also known as Jonas of the Golden Fir also known as Volt, also known as Stein and also known as Little Sh!t.  How cool has he been in the last two days?  The answer is super cool!  Mistakes were made for sure, but the boy did what I asked of him (even when I asked it inadvertently)... I will rave about the whole lot later, but for now... so last night Volt got his last qualification (meaning a clear and a win) in the 'lower grade' of our sport called Dog Jumping and won his way into the highest grade....  by the time this morning came about he had the chance to jump for his first for a QC (Qualifying Certificate) which is the equivalent of a Champ ticket in the UK... of course before Volt had even put his feet past the finish poles last night, our little agility community was ragging me that I just wanted to win that first QC (haha, thanks by the way guys, I think you were good 'positive re-enforcement').  I honestly didn't though... I just wanted NICE and happy rounds.  Regardless, Volt decided that he is making a habit of this whole 'exceeding me expectations' thing, and he DID it...  VOLT WON HIS FIRST QC!

Okay so my next post will include course design, consistent judging and some more on Spaz and Stein...  For now I would like to leave you with the next vid.... even if you didn't watch any of the others, please watch this and SHARE and we will talk more about it in the next post:


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