Sunday, February 3, 2013


Yup, I have been bad again and I am bound to be bad again after today, I am at a point in my life where I am just terrible at updating my blog....  but after a day like today, you kind of have to post...

The day started off bad... as in VERY bad... on my way to our Top Dog Invitational, my car broke down.  This is the same car that I was supposed to trade in tomorrow!  While it is still covered under warranty and there should be no cost and it should not affect the whole trade-in-deal/new car story, it DOES mean sorting through a pile of steaming cr@p to GET it sorted and longer before my new car.

I am however fortunate enough to have friends that went out of their way to come and help me out, drive me to the show, pick up the slack for me being late by building courses etc, supporting me and just being there for me.  I am even more fortunate to have phenomenal boys that did not put one single foot wrong today... as always I put both feet and my left thumb wrong at some point, but it didn't matter, since my boys just rocked regardless.

While I can't deny that the result on paper was good with 7/8 clears which made for 5/6 wins between my two competing dogs (Chaos rocked especially hard today), that is the least of my thoughts tonight.  I stuck by my handling decisions, I worked damn hard on those decisions I made and for once I seem to have made mostly correct-ish decisions.  I am happy with my rounds, despite recognising the small flaws.... how cool is that.  I have to mention that the support and 'embrace' (that sounds insanely corny, but I have been sitting here for 7 minutes trying to find another appropriate word and I just can't) I received from the Gauteng Agility Community really just made for a GOOD day despite the bad sh!t!
Thanks to all and here is the video of today's rounds... well done to all my friends and fellow competitors that also had a rocking day.

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