Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First response - A short explanation

After some feedback from handlers that read my previous post, I would like to clarify the following (sorry international followers, again it is a South African thing).

The SA Champs regional trials and the AWC regional trials are NOT the same thing (contrary to what many handlers believe).  They follow two completely different sets of rules (Schedule 5L Appendix C applies ONLY to AWC Trials and Schedule 5L Appendix D applies ONLY to SA Champs).  Historically these two competitions have been run in conjunction (in other words the same actual rounds have been used for both competitions, but the different rules applied for the different competitions).

The regional trials would therefore still go ahead exactly as it has in the past, but ONLY the SA Champs rules/results applied to determine who qualifies for the SA Champs event.  So the top 40 large dogs, top 10 medium dogs and top 10 small dogs would still qualify for the SA Champs.

The proposal that came from us and is currently being discussed applies ONLY to the AWC regional trials.  In other words, instead of what has been happening over the years, where dogs that did NOT qualify for SA Champs and has NO intention of making Team South Africa to Europe for the AWC, but entered the AWC regional trials are invited to the finals/SA Champ, ONLY the dogs that intend to MAKE the team will be able to compete at the finals/SA Champs.  Most of which already qualified for the SA Champs.

I am hoping this clarify matters.

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