Monday, February 24, 2014

Where have I been?

This year... 2014... well if it has been a crazy one so far.  If I updated you on it all you would still be reading tomorrow morning and the day after.

So concisely then where have I been?

Fixing stuff that is broken. Everything in our house broke. Gate motor, freezer, cars, it didn't stop.

In Hospital... some undiagnosed, unidentified, mystery disease that left me with a fever of nearly 40 degrees (Celcius btw), nutso crazy bloodwork and general 'feeling-like-crapness'.  All fixed now, but still no idea what it was.

Studying. Yes in my old (haha funny me, I will never be old :) ) age I decided to study again.  I am now officially a Basic Ambulance Assistant.  Hoping to start working on the Ambulance soon. Absolutely love it.

Working. A lot.  After I initially decided Luxembourg was off the table this year, I have decided it is back on the table so now the race to save up enough money is on.

Losing and finding Chaos.  Well we kind of lost each other and we are currently busy finding each other again.  We have been terribly disconnected of late. But yesterday we had one hell of a rocking day at our second SA Champs/AWC trial. They boy knocked my socks off let me tell you. Videos on these trials of ours will follow much later, as I will wait for all provinces to finish all trials before posting any.  Chaos has always been my special boy. Most other people will say 'special' in inverted commas.  That is what makes life with him so rewarding.  

Wallowing and wading in the awesomeness that is my awesome Voltensteinenmeister Sheltie dog.  We have a lekker training group going and it is doing the already cool Volt another seven worlds of good.  And me, probably mostly me.  He has always been close to perfect, me not so much.  He is doing well in competition, and kicking ass and taking names in training, here is some of that:

Psycho Malyko Girly Whirly Slinky Malinky Chicken dog finally came into season, only took her 16 months.  Now THAT was a pain in the butt... just not being able to compete with her.  How painful with outdated, stupid rules.  Please note that my ENTIRE male dogs trained with her in a crate a few meters away with no problems, so honestly get terribly annoyed when people tell their crazy stories of how it is impossible for entire males to work through a bitch in season.  Moving on.  At her second show back, my baby child ran her first clear round!

All in all I have many Agility related thoughts that I may or may not have the time to share in the near future...

The End.

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