Friday, November 25, 2011

The Amusing Hubby, TV Programs and Diversity

I started writing a very serious and long post about breeding and common sense (or lack there of), but then I decided I am not in the mood for controversy right now.  I will save that one for a rainy day.  Instead I am going to bore you with a load of nonsense.  What I actually SHOULD be doing is finishing the various slide shows for tomorrow night's Agility Year End Function.  While it is a lot of organising (A LOT, really, I promise), it is bound to be fun... All our annual awards will be handed out at this event, I will tell you all about that next time.

The other thing we are busy organising is our training day.  Basically we get trainers from different schools that will be hosting training on two courses (1 sourced from one of the judges for next year's AWC and 1 beginners course) at an insanely low rate (just to cover costs, all the trainers are donating their time for free), as well as open course time on these courses.  Apparently people loved the idea and most training sessions are already booked.  What was interesting to me, is that there are three definite groups of people when it comes to choosing trainers for an initiative like this:

1.  Some will only train with their regular coaches.  And to a certain extent I understand this.  Once you trust someone... hmmm, whether they actually LISTEN to these instructors is a different story.

2.  The people that want to train with EVERYONE.  I like this concept, provided people have the sense to take out of it what will actually work for them and leave the rest.  It is always good to get some diversity in your training, but you cannot use it all.

3.  The people that specifically want to train with trainers other than their normal coaches, just because they want some new input.  Also not a bad thing, maybe you find something new you can use.

Diversity in training is good.  As long as you don't try everything at once, without following through.  It is like trying to watch 9 different TV programs on 9 different monitors... there is no way in hell you are going follow the plot of all of them.  Oh wait this is actually a good metaphor... I don't like romantic dramas, I just don't.  I have tried watching them and I just don't cope.  In the same way, some training methods will never work for you, you can try them, but they just won't work for you.  But don't just try and watch ONE romantic drama and then refuse to watch any more, for all you know that could just be the worst romantic drama of all time.  Always finish watching the movie, there is no point in skipping to the last scene, you are missing the plot.  If you have watched the movie 5 times, because you like, that is GOOD.  If you watched the movie 5 times and you still don't understand, then don't bother.  Find something you DO understand.  This is a really good metaphor, I like it, I should write it down... oh wait I AM writing it down.

I am being silly, because my hubby entertained me tonight.  Well me and the dogs, wish I had remembered to get it on camera.  See the hubby is not exactly what you would call an 'out-doorsy kind of person'.  He is a computer nerd, he doesn't REALLY know what sunshine looks like and he has calluses on his finger tips... NOT from holding a dog lead.  But he has really wanted to exercise more, so he decided to (try and) kill two birds with one stone... Jog around the yard with a ball, thus play with the dogs and run at the same time.  I don't think he completely thought it through.  As I could have predicted he didn't run quite that well with dogs milling around under his feet trying to grab the ball from his hand.  In the end, the dogs won and he decided to stand still and play with them.  I think it was safer for all parties involved.  I don't have time to look after a hubby with a broken leg, I need to train Agility!

*All photos courtesy of Melissa Wilson

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