Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eyes, Blogs and... well Agility I guess

It is the first time I notice all that bird poop on the dog walk... hmmmm.

I have to blog quietly this morning, the hubby is still sleeping....  Pretty sure he would not appreciate me having a loud conversation with myself (pretending I am speaking to the dogs) about random agility matters.  That is what normally happens when I blog.  I also have to blog on my old desktop this morning, my precious beloved laptop is in for repairs *wipes a way a tear*.  You know how 'They' (yes the famous, infamous,villainous and legendary THEY) say you don't know what you have until you lose it?  They are actually right on that one.... I miss Windows 7, I really do.

Something you may not know about me, is that I have issues with eyes, BIG ones.  I mean I have big issues, I don't have particularly big eyes.  I am not a squeamish person, no sir.  Blood, guts, gore, bones sticking out of torn flesh, decomposing bodies, that yukky stuff that accumulates at the bottom of the dishwasher... no problems with those.  But I cannot physically handle ANYTHING happen to an eye, I can't even watch people put in contact lenses without going nuts.  I don't feel nauseated or anything, I just freak out.  I need to be locked in a tiny little padded room.  So if we watch a movie where anything happens to someones eyes (you know the normal horror movie stuff, needles straight through the eyeball, acid being poured in eyes, laser surgery gone wrong), I close my eyes, put my fingers in my ears, chant 'lalalalalalalalalalalala' until the hubby notifies me that it is safe to watch again and even then I wait 30 seconds, just to be sure.

On Tuesday, my left eye started swelling and I got these odd looking bruises at the bottom of it.  By Wednesday morning, it would appear to any uninformed by-stander that either my teddy bear of a hubby had punched me in the face or I had walked into a door.  Needless to say I don't mess around with eyes, so off to the doc I went.  I have an abscess behind my bottom eye-lid!  How utterly disgusting and vile is that?  Luckily I caught it early and no cutting and draining is necessary, a good thing I would say, because at that point the padded room and the white jacket with the funny sleeves would have become a reality.  I know that whole story had nothing to do with agility, but it traumatised me, so deal with it!

But now I will get back to agility.  It is amazing to me what people do with their agility blogs.  So unique to each person.  Some uses it as a pure training diary.  I like those, I read all the ones I can find.  So much free training information available, how cool is that?  Some of the more, erm, egotistic? bloggers, just brag.... brag brag brag.  Cool for a while, but these tend to bore me in the end.  Oh, hat, then there are the bloggers that 'write as their dog' generally accompanied with questionable spelling and sentence construction (I eeez retardz), like their poor dogs are illiterate russians with an IQ of 3.  These tend to annoy me and if their dogs knew what they were doing, it would annoy them too.  There are the moaners that basically use their blogs to list how crap life is.  I avoid these.  I like blogs where people record their random thoughts on life and agility and just stuff, these are interesting and these make me think.  Generally not a fan of Jerry Springer - The Agility episode blogs, ja, they are sometimes amusing when I am in a more scandalous mood, but not really my thing.  My favourite blogs are the humorous (slightly dark) rantings of insane and addicted agility people.  This has to make me wonder why people read my blog?

Anyhow, I guess it is time to catch you up agility wise....  We had a show last weekend, but unfortunately no video, first of all because I don't have a video editor on the desk top, but mostly because we ran National League courses.  Basically we have these national competitions, courses are set up in different provinces (using an Baseline Coordinate system), we all run them and I get to work out the results.  What fun.  So in the interest of not compromising the courses, I can't post the videos.  It went well enough, some good clears, an unfortunate knock (when are knocks NOT unfortunate I ask you?) and some placings.  All in all, I am relatively happy, except for that completely naughty moment, where Spaz decided that the course finished on 19 and it is perfectly acceptable to just run around 20.  Eish my boy, eish.  In fact Chaos wasn't the only one of my dogs that had bright spark ideas this week.  Quake went swimming in the Koi pond... not mine and not at my house.  Luckily he managed not to crush or eat any. Volt buried some bones.  Once again, not my bones, not in my garden.

In other news, Volt is weaving 6 closed poles with a VERY high consistency rate.  Woohoo!  Time to move this game to other locations!  Volt is looking SO good, well that is how I feel personally.  Technically he can start competing in Dog Jumping now, but that won't be happening until next year.  I really don't see why I should push it, we have all the time in the world.  Getting it right is a lot more important to me than just getting in the ring.

We have another show tomorrow, hopefully I won't be such a slacker in updating my blog again....

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