Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goals, Expectations and UnadulterateEod Happiness

In 2012 I started a serious goal setting process.. but I am disappointed to tell you that both my competing dogs surpassed my bloody expectations already.  I am disappointed because I will now have to raise the bar... not for my dogs (since they are already super friggin awesome), but for ME.  And that after only one show.

Before I start raving about my own dogs for today, I just want to say thanks to my training partners (you jackasses all know who you are), I will edit all of your phenomenal rounds today soon soon.  Thanks for your support, you have made such a difference.  And to my Spaz Chaos boy, you were also coolio and met all our aims.  Tonight however belongs to Steiner, the sheltie man, Jonas of the Golden Fir...  My official (written and recorded) goal for him, was to have a NICE round.  I was expecting some faults.  That first show with a young, baby dog is always so daunting and nerve-wrecking.  All I wanted was a round I could be proud of, regardless of the faults or placing... Volt however took that VERY literally... oh you want to be proud?  Coolio, I will go clear, win my class with a qualification AND beat all the other dogs (small, medium and large) by at least four seconds.

From the video, you can SEE how nervous I was (walking next to the poles? Since friggin when?).  Baby boy just went out there and did his thing, even WITH a retarded handler.

For those that don't know, I sent Volt's breeder a four page email with my 'requirements' for my pup and not only did she meet every single one of those wishes ( to the T), but she provided me with a once in a lifetime dog!

The next post will be all about the super awesomeness of my Spaz boy and all our training friends, but tonight the blog is Stein's.  Thanks baby boy:


  1. Thanks Diana, regardless of achievements, he is a little cracker jack that has opened my mind to breeds other than BC's. He is a super boy that has positively engaged every single person he has met!