Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quicky, Ice Fights and Learning

Just a super quick update... I fully intended to say another million things about my Sheltie, then another two million things about Spaz and my shocking handling of Sunday and then another three million things about agility in general... but we are hosting Lee Gibson ( or if you are just blog addicted and Lucy Osborne ( or if you are just blog addicted here in Johannesburg at the moment, so will have to do full updates next week.  Hosting them has thus far included ice fights, to-the-minute planning NOT and awesome seminars!

For now I will include Spaz's video from Sunday:

Terrible rounds from my side....

And one of the awesome pics that C took of my Stein-man on Sunday:


  1. Thanks Ninette, still tons to work on to achieve my goals this year!