Thursday, July 4, 2013

Funny 'interesting', not funny 'haha'

I am rather immune... to erm.. 'everyone else'.  I read A LOT, I watch EVERY Agility DVD available.  I have a select (not so few) friends that I know comment honestly.  I have spent the last 16 years learning how to 'keep the good, leave the bad and not go homicidal or insane' in my own mind.  I always have space for more information.  I always try to share the good information.

I hate handlers/colleagues (talking RL job now)/friends/family that try to be 'all-knowing' and 'superior'.  LOVE people that can determine, recognise and BETTER their own mistakes.  The best handlers in the world (ie my absolute idols) have made certain mistakes that me (or someone else) could recognise, recognise and bettered baby!... I have made the same amount of mistakes exponentially and I will live the rest of my life compensating :D

Only by recognising your weaknesses can you improve... even if your weaknesses are still the strongest in the game.

1.  I don't like cheating.  I have more respect for the 'big names' that publish their whole spectrum than the 'big names' that publish only their success.  Honey, we do AGILITY, everyone makes mistakes!!! As for my current self?... on my videos A. I don't have a video camera, not even a crappy one, so the vids of the last week was taken in insanely BAD quality on my still camera.  Without decent quality vid it feels rather pointless to edit.

2.  I honestly didn't expect my puppy Psycho Chicken Child Dog to have such another spectacular session so soon.  I am a lazy bitch.  Different song and different vid is a lot of effort to me.

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