Monday, July 15, 2013

The winner of NonCntact and the Wet T-Shirt

Yesterday we had a championship show... it was great fun... well the rugby tackle (worthy of Springbok standards) and the soaking not so much?  However it does make for fantastic revenge plotting... watch out boys, Bloem is coming up!

Now I am privileged (NOT) enough to be involved in administration and organisation levels of Agility that could easily corrupt one's soul.  Now I don't know whether my skin callused to the point of near impenetrable resistance or whether  my last few sanities have flown out the window and none of my friends have realised that I should ACTUALLY be committed at this point... I might even be living in Narnia by now, who knows.  It could mostly be because I have such friggin awesome dogs that the world could end I wouldn't take notice.  I suspect that it is largely because locally a small fleck of positivity was born and inevitably more and more latched onto it and it ended up in a pretty nutball, goofy, madhatter Agility province that has tons more good than bad.  So instead of corruption, I have honestly had fun in Agility this year.  Yes, of course I am still entitled to the occasional emotional break-down, rant or public assault, but honestly that has been few and far between.

So this has meant that I have laughed about courses that should have required intense screaming matches, maybe even attempted murder... but what I know now it is still my choice to run the course.  My dogs couldn't give a crap if I withdrew them or ran a course of my own making, after all I love my own course design.  I have had a toast on questionable judging calls, even if a judge made more 'mistakes' in one day than I could if I TRIED for the rest of my judging career.  Cheers to you, I hope you enjoyed it!  I have laughed until choking point when I made some very visible arb ridiculous mistakes that someone of my experience should not be making (often leading to spectacular dq's and even a faceplant or two).  I have helped people I really don't like.  I have run around in the rain building courses with a smile on my face.  I have taught students it is okay to make an @ss of yourself if it is for the benefit of your dog.  I have made spelling mistakes in videos.

At the end of the day, anything can happen at any moment, in life as it can in Agility.  The only difference is the statistical probability.  The choice to run is still ours.  The choice to have fun is still ours.  The choice to withdraw is still ours.  The choice to go is still ours.  The choice to stay is still ours.  The choice to embrace is still ours.  The choice to do right is always ours.

Here's to us and our dogs and our sport and making the best of it all.  *raises not-so-imaginary glass*

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