Thursday, February 19, 2015

Erm.... Oops... Introducing Hex...

I have an incredibly unplanned puppy... That is the long and the short of it.  Basically I saw this picture on the Monday:

And by Thursday I had a puppy!

He is from Psych's breeder, in fact he is a half brother. So many things in his favour that brought him here.  I absolutely LOVE his mother, in fact my next Border Collie was planned from her or a grandchild of hers... of course this was supposed to be in a few years time.  A good few years! Anyhow Tula (dam) is a bit of a noisy, crazy, nutso, hard as nails, non-stop looney tune!  Explains why I like her right?  He shares his father with Psych, a dog that I also adore. A tall, lanky, easy-going, workaholic boy from the UK (Astra Lad).  Most of the other puppies had left (some of these pups in the background are from another litter), but the breeder had kept this little guy back for a bit, thinking he would rather keep him for a bit and look for the right serious working home...

Of course there are several factors that contributed to Hex coming home, but being a tri-colour with a left blue eye really did help his cause...

A few people have asked, why I would get a related dog, after stating several times that Psych has been the most difficult Agility dog I have trained to date. First and foremost I live with my dogs, Agility is a big second.  I LOVE living with Psych, when she is not being a ultra serious, perfectionist, confidence lacking Agility dog, she is the most fun, amusing, intelligent and easy going dog to live with!  I did, after all, take the pup with the strongest herding instinct when I chose her, so not completely unexpected.  I love the confidence, character and intelligence of the Chrisri Dogs...

Today Hex has been here a week, but looking at it, you would more guess that he has been living here for the last century.  Luckily for me, we hit it off from the word go and he fits in like a dream.  I look forward to many years together!

Without further a due:

Having an unplanned pup means a lot of crash planning for training and thinking of what one wants to do differently and the same from previous dogs.  I am very busy with work at the moment, but really hoping to catalogue Hex's youth and training and my thoughts and some more videos on the blog.  I am also hoping to fully catalogue his story growing up, but once again, we will see how things go with regards to work.


  1. Congratulations!!! I love reading about your adventures :) If you lived a little closer I would be seeking you out for training

  2. Thank you so much for the compliment ;) Haha, this trainer is certainly willing to travel far and wide, so who knows, maybe we do meet one day!