Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hex 13 Weeks

I often get asked what you can do with your baby puppy... here are some ideas. Hex has been with me for 2 weeks now (He only arrived when he was 11 weeks). In my experience he has learned quicker than most dogs,except maybe Volt, but there are not limits, be creative, think of new things.

I have to say, that I am so grateful for Hex and Psych's breeders for really only introducing dogs with a SOLID temperament into their lines.  It makes the world of difference not to have to struggle with issues.

On a different note, I am really having heartbreaking problems with Volt.  He has developed a very big problem with our regular show grounds.  The problem seems to be that he has gotten a fright of any people or dogs that are even remotely close to the ring.  Training or competitions at any other grounds are not a problem and even if I train at these show grounds outside of a show environment he is still my mad, crazy, loving, barking Sheltie.  Seeing him shut down in the ring is heartbreaking.  We have cut down on competition a lot (doing maybe one round a day, maybe none), while I am trying to find ways to make it all a positive experience again.  It seems it might be a very long Agility year ahead for me... and no AWC and maybe not even any big events.  His welfare is a lot more important to me.


  1. So sorry about Volt. Thats werid. I know my one 3 year old shelite has now developed fear of thunder and fire works. And she didnt have any problems before. And then after the first day at trials, she doesnt want to go for walks, or even back to the crate. As long as we are going to the ring, she is find. The other two places, she will sit and refuse to go any further. An no she isnt hurt. Weird.

  2. Hi Alett. I can't recommend enough Denise Fenzi and her online academy. I have a high drive papillon who somewhere along the line got overwhelmed by the competition ring. It got that bad that she would leave the ring as soon as I tried to start a run. I had no idea what to do to work through it and it was totally heartbreaking to see my little dog so worried. I honestly thought I would never be able to compete with her again. Denise Fenzi runs a Ring Confidence course which I did with my pap and it has been a game changer. She has gone from shutting down as soon as she saw ring ropes to racing me into the ring to start her run. It has been so amazing to see my pap back to her happy confident self. I only wish someone had of told me about Denise's course sooner I may not have had to spend so long not competing!