Friday, March 27, 2015


But actually we will start with the Volt news...  we are not out of the woods yet, but HUGE improvement.  Last weekend Volt had the fastest ever disqualifications, making me the world's happiest handler... happy dances were a thing....

With most of our SA Champs Qualifying trials completed, Chaos and Volt are guaranteed qualification (Chaos will be at his 7th SA Champs and Volt at his 4th) and at this point in time, Psych is lying in the reserves, so there is even a chance for her....

I was asked to do a promotional video for our SA Champs:

But more importantly... puppy update:

Hex will be 4 months old on Sunday, how time flies!


  1. So glad Volt is starting to improve in the trial environment.

  2. Fantastic promo video! Love the music you chose. Also, way to go on your advanced qualification :)