Monday, December 6, 2010

Provisional Gauteng Agility Calender

I recently did the Agility schedule for next year so I can start planning.  I am posting this here and will also add it as a gadget.  Please note this was done on a personal capacity and there may be mistakes or adjustments. This calender is in no way representative of any committee or club that I belong to. This calender does not yet include the Night Series Open Shows in November/December and one or two additional shows will be added to the March bumper weekend.  If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me.

This means that there will be approximately 24 Open Shows in Gauteng in 2011 (excluding the two invitational events that is run under open show licenses).  There will be approximately 25 Champ Shows, which means there is a minimum of 150 agility QC's available (50 for each height category, 25 each for Agility and Non-Contact) in Gauteng alone, excluding the out-of-province bumper weekends.  This also means that there are a maximum of 450 QC's available, depending on entries.  Also depending on entries, there will be 69 QC's (23 in each height category) available in 2011.

I will edit the calender as soon as new information is confirmed.

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