Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A High Voltage Maniac

Volt has been with us for only 8 days, but he is already a very unique part of this family...  Here are eight random Volt facts, one for each day he has been with us:

1.  He loves cats, if it was up to him, he would play with Nox and Loki the whole day.

2.  He does not stop.  I have not witnessed him fall asleep once.  He is very quiet and pleasant in his crate, but he does not stop watching me for one second.  I really do hope he does actually sleep when I turn out the lights.

3.  Squeaky soft toys are the best inventions since toasted bread (or liver in his case).

4.  He is a climber... the higher the better.

5.  He loves my shoes, but only the ones that are still in use.  He will bring me every single one of my shoes he can find, but the old cast aways that I don't wear anymore, he will not touch.

6.  He tries to eat small stones and pebbles, I have no idea why.  I have to watch him with a hawk eye when he is outside.

7.  He is more aware of his back feet than his front feet.

8.  He has better balance and control on the tile floor than on the grass and the carpet.

We tried taking some decent stacked and headshot pictures of him tonight, but it is virtually impossible as he never stops moving.  Out of the 66 pictures Anthony took, I can only post four, and they are not the best either:

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