Monday, November 29, 2010

Shaping... up

Well this is a multi-purpose post:

Part one, here is a video of the weekend.  It is the national league contact round.  Two bars down, which was absolutely my fault.  My timing is attrocious, although I have actually been training my jumping so Chaos shouldn't knock a bar, REGARDLESS of my movement... oh well.  I am also pretty sure he missed the up contact on the dogwalk (it didn't get faulted though), but I am one of the front-runners of the fight against up contacts.  If you look at this video, Chaos is not jumping on to the dogwalk, but he has a huge stride... it is just the way it is.  It would be MORE hazardous to his health if I trained him to hit/target the up contact.

And then Richard asked me to run Snitch (his son Kraig's dog) literally 10 seconds before he had to be on the start line... we had fun though.  He is such a sweet boy.

Okay so the next part of the update is about the Superboys...  The problem is that I don't have a tripod (note to self, add to xmas wishlist), so I am forever trying to set up my video camera on the dogwalk or the wall or the veranda and this just ends up getting heads/paws/tails cut off in the picture.  Anthony gets home long after dark, but tonight we tried taking some videos of the boys with the night light.  Very unsuccessful, but I am posting them anyway, for those of you that have Superman X-Ray vision.

This is a video of my thirteen year odl BC, Echo.  He still loves to work, despite his physical limitations.  I taught him to 'play  dead' in a few days.  

I am teaching Chaos really random little actions, otherwise he stresses too much about 'getting it right'.

Quake really has amazing balance and control for a Border of his size (he is 56cm at the shoulder and a muscualr but stocky boy, weighing 21kg's with not an ounce of fat on him).  You can't really see that on this video.

I don't know if it is Delta's obsession with food, but this boy loves the game sof tricks.  The 'climbing into the box' trick and the weaving in between my legs trick we literally started today.  I am already looking for very creative things to teach this little dog.  Any suggestions?

Now for the puppy update...  I am completely addicted to this little maniac.Thus far he has been an 'all in one' package!  He is beautiful. He is the sweetest dog ever, but he wants to play with everyone and everything and he will play as 'rough' as I dictate.  He has no fear and all the confidence in the world.  And man is he clever.  I did his first little shaping session today and he is brilliant.  Ants tried to record this for me too, but it is super dark, so doubt you will see much.  He is a little distracted as Ants had literally arrived home minutes earlier, but still a super little boy.

Since this is turning into a super long update, I think I will finish the rest of the post tomorrw...

Btw, I am offering bribes for anyone that is willing to come and tape me during daylight hours :)

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  1. I am really enjoying reading your blog! Good luck with training, especially with your new Sheltie :-)