Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jonas aka Volt has arrived.

Well, my little boy is home... 

I was at the airport early and coincidentally an agility friend's German Shepherd was arriving on the same flight. It was such a relief to know there was another puppy on the flight. Both our documentation was in order and we sorted that out with no problem.  Still it took some time.  Beaurocracy!!!

Finally the moment arrived!

Jonas jumped out and immediately tried to engage me in a game, pouncing, bouncing up and down.  We wanted the puppies to do the toilet and have some water, but all they were interested in was playing with each other, despite the size difference (the GSD pup is already over 4 months and about 10 times Jonas's size).  We decided that it was a lost cause, so we headed home.  First stop was Anthony's office, just so Jonas could meet his 'dad' for the first time (due to work commitments Anthony could not go with to the airport).  Jonas spent five minutes kissing Anthony to death.  And of course Anthony fell in love in the first second.  Next we headed off to the vet, there were no other patients there, but Jonas then tried to kiss the vet to death too.  The vet is very happy with the way he travelled, he is in absolute perfect health, with absolutely no signs of travel stress.  The only thing he did not like was having his teeth looked at, but the vet gave him some treats, then he did not mind that much.

Finally we headed home.  I introduced him to the dogs one by one, and he tried to play with each of them, he got a nice little game in with three of my four boys, but Chaos was just interested in sniffing him and then herding him.  I will sort that out soon enough.  He then met the kittens as they came to see the newcomer, my cats are my dogs best friends, but Jonas did not quite no how to deal with them  He sniffed at our three-legged cat, but is very cautious of our main coone.  He will get used to them soon enough.  I let him explore the garden a bit and he did the toilet, no problem.  Then young Jonas decided he wanted to go and explore... the full height dogwalk, I have now taken the planks down from the stands and put them on the ground, much safer for a little puppy dog, I will just have to put them back up everytime I train the other boys.  I handfed him a small meal, which he ate a bit reluctantly, no surprise considering his big day.  I let him rest for about 90 min in his crate, in order for his food to settle down. (I did a quick training session with my other dogs, which he watched with interest letting out the occasional bark)  Of course he has loads of excess energy from being on the flight for so long, so next we had a quick play session, with him chasing me around the yard at full tilt.

He is now chewing on a nice chewy toy, but he follows me everywhere, bringing his chew toy with if I go into a new room.  I have left his travel crate on the floor with an open door, since he knows his crate I thought it might provide some comfort.  I was right, he is now lying in his crate by his own choice, chewing on his toy and watching me like a hawk.  How good is that?

He is such a well-balanced puppy with no fear!  And even more stunning than in the pictures.  I am more happy than I can describe.

Oh and just by the way... I think we have settled on a call name... Jonas will now be known as Volt!

Here are some pics, but Anthony is the real photographer in the family, so I will ask him to take some nice ones tonight.

 Volt not knowing what to do with our Maine Coone Nox...  and Nox typically 'not being bothered' :)
Volt eating a chew toy

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