Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trick and Treat

Anthony tried out some new settings on the camera when I did a trick session with the boys tonight.  The pictures are experimental, but I still think they are awesome... hahahaha, probably because I am biased about the subjects of the photos.  Maybe my very bright orange holland sweatshirt had something to do with the camera struggle...

Echo learning how to play dead... not bad for a 13 year old boy... Man I love this dog.

Echo did his 'where is your nose' trick (Anthony missed it slightly, so this is a before and after photo)...  I taught him this trick years ago for an add campaign that never aired.  Used some masking tape to teach it... and of course the 'border collie prodigy' never forgets anything he has ever learnt...
 Chaos has always been the kind of dog that just wants to know what he can heard or to which obstacle he can run as fast as possible next, but he is starting to 'get' the whole trick thing... and actually enjoying it, lol, despit his lanky body.

The Quake monster is loving his dancing trick...  and the amount of muscle that has developed (on his already muscular back legs) since I have started doing this is quite amazing.

 These pics of the lunatic Clown Delta are not the best, but you should see how into his tricks Delta are.  He is absolutely loving it, knowing him it might just be the individual attention he is getting...  he should have been the only dog in his household, he is such a pleasure, but he does not like sharing the limelight...  Get him on his own and he will do anything for you.  Except of course on an agility course, where he will do everything (and I mean every obstacle at least twice) for himself.

Anyhow, it became has become apparent that the super-boys love their little training sessions, which is good, since I have just as much fun... now if only I could get better at it...

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