Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jonas the Sheltie's long journey - Part 2

The latest emails that Silke sent about little Jonas:

'Hi Alett,
Jonas (I really like Mrrik and find it fits him) stayed solid for 8 hours overnight in his crate. I guess the playing with Tink tired him last night.
He ate, did a pooh, played (wash, rinse, repeat..) and we just returned from our walk at the river. The grass is covered with frost on this sunny but cold day. I carried him almost half the time in my jacket. He greeted strangers on our way on a VERY friendly way (unusual for a Sheltie) and made contact with foreign dog, but on a typical gentle Sheltie way.

So, now a cup of coffee and then we go to the dog club. I have to train with Tink for next week’s obedience test. I am sure I will find a “Sheltie-holder-with-a-warm-jacket”, while I train.

More news tonight..


'Today at the dog club we went into the puppy play pen, an area for the youngster. Because there was no official training, only my friends puppy was there, a 11 week old Alaskan Malamute. At first he was a bit afraid of Daiquiri, who is 9 kg (!) and twice his height and three times his width. He tried to ran away and landed in a small water feature. Because of the cold weather I took him in my jacket so he could dry and kept warm. He watched Tink playing with Daiquiri and after about 10 mins he started to join the game. In the end he played also with a young Australian Shepherd (chasing her!). He had fun, but always came back to me and checked or looked for temporary shelter. All those dogs are bigger and much more heavy, he is really tiny and very very sweet.
After that we went to my mother’s house to fetch Shumba. Also in this new environment he was very curious and happy.
Back home he ate some kibble. I am not used to this slow eating (my dogs gulp down their food…). So it takes quite a long time for him to eat. (you clicker treats need to be minuscule…hihhi).

Neither he nor the other dogs of Jenny are barkers. He only occasionally barks while playing. My loud Mudis seem to impress him, but I guess he will not take on their bad habit..
That was it for today.
Don’t worry, soon you and Anthony will hold this little furball in your hand.


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