Monday, November 8, 2010

Rain and Train

Well it is raining here to the extent that the South African Weather Service has issued storm warnings...  a predicted 50mm over the next 24 hours and some severe thunderstorms in between...  Well that all remains to be seen.

But the point is that I will get a little bit wet when training (which I don't mind) and I will have to invent some nice creative training exercises in my very small house.  This always becomes quite amusing and very loud...  the rest of my dogs go ballistic while I am training just one.  I actually find this to be good distraction training, I mean it is very hard to concentrate when you have three mad borders barking at the top of my lungs.

I know I should do something about it, especially considering I am the first one to bitch and moan at other people's noisy dogs.  But in there defense, my dogs NEVER bark at nothing.  They are allowed to bark when there is someone physically touching the gate to the property (it is handy since we do not have a doorbell), they are allowed to bark at the ever painful street corner vendors when they try to shove their various knock-off  sunglasses and battery  operated teddy bears through my window and they are allowed to bark when I give them the command to.  And except for the whole training thing they are very good an really quiet.  Quite frankly I like their enthusiasm towards training, I dont really WANT to do anything about it... hahaha, but Anthony completely disagrees with me on that one.  I dont blame him...

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