Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jonas the Shelties long journey - Part 1

 So Jonas's long journey started today.  In total he will travel about 9 640km (5990 miles).  Yesterday Silke picked him up in Belgium and drove back to her house in Cologne, tomorrow she will take him to Frankfurt for his flight to South Africa!  Below is an email she sent last night with some pictures of Jonas and Silke's Mudi, Tink.  Can't wait!

Dear Alett and Jenny,
Jonas arrived safely at my house. He was exploring with a wagging tail, did a pooh and will probably start playing with Tink soon.
He behaved very well in the crate, went to sleep after “killing” the blanket and did not make a sound during the whole trip.
He is too excited to eat, but hunger will probably come later tonight.
I will let him sleep the whole night in the crate, so he can get used to it. He loves is, so this is great.

Thank you Jenny for a wonderful meal. I enjoyed my trip to Blankenberge.
Alett, you will definitely get an awesome puppy. I am very tempted to keep him…
I will write more news tomorrow.
Good night


P.S. While downloading the picture, Tink and Jonas played…

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