Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chaos with Wings

And I am not referring to the flying type...

I will have to explain.  I book Chaos after getting to know a friend's dog very well (Julie's Blitz).  I adore Blitz, especially because of his amazing work ethic.  So Chaos is from the same mating but a later litter.  No offense to Julie, but Blitz has one problem:  He makes herding style turns, halfway to Cape Town.  Blitz is very wide.  So when I got Chaos, my very first priority was to teach him to turn on a tikki and wrap around everything.  And when I say wrap, I mean Saran wrap... Well it worked let me tell you... AND created a whole new problem.  Chaos doesn't knock bars that often, but he knocks wings like its going out of fashion.  Not only was I reminded of this when he once again did it three times this weekend, but also from the (awesome) pics that I got from Melissa:

 He really works hard to keep the bars up, but he never learnt to respect the wings!
 Especially on PVC equipment, which is slightly lighter.
 As I said, knocks the wings, not the bars.

Please take a good look at his tail... which is wrapped around the damn wing!
So moral of the story, do not over do or over train anything because of your OWN paranoia...

Despite this, this intense boy, with all his issues (of which there are a lot, hence the nickname Spaz) is my heart and soul.  So intense...
Second last Agility weekend of the year... it is that time when I look back and try to decide whether I reached my goals for the year.  Still thinking but I will let you know!

Puppy update: Volt is still awesome, his Sheltie personality already creeping very deep into my heart....  In total we spend about TWO HOURS a day playing intensely (I mean just me and him, this does not include the other 18 hours a day that he plays...).  I am scared that it might be too much, but he keeps on bringing me toys and asking for a play...  Still not crazy about his food, but I am not giving up hope.

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