Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yet another update - Borders and Shelties

Haha, I will try not to do too many updates about Jonas, now known as Volt, the blue merle Sheltie boy. 

Today I went into the office quickly, Volt went with and met a whole load of new people.  I have read so much about how Shelties are wary of strangers, that I was expecting the worst.  But Volt is amazing and loves all new people and dogs... and especially my three legged cat, Loki (who personally has no idea what to do with this tiny puppy).  I am probably jinxing this, but thus far Volt has been the perfect puppy:  He plays with everyone and everything, especially with me he plays like a spunky little demon, he gets along with everyone, he eats and does his toilet outside, he travels like a dream, just goes to sleep in his crate, he runs and hops and has a lot of personality, but give him a chew toy and put him in his bed or his crate and he quietly entertains himself.

All we are doing at the moment is play, and click and feed for eye contacts, sits and downs, and play... oh wait and more play...  and then some more play.

And some more play:

I measured him today, 22.5cm (8.9 inches), at the shoulder, at 12 weeks.  I have read and heard that Sheltie growth can be very unpredictable, maybe someone that has more experience with Sheltie breeding can send me a mail or message on Facebook with their opinion?

Just so that all of you don't think that I am JUST Sheltie puppy obsessed now...  I have had a lot of short training sessions with my other boys.  Chaos is working like a dream, his speed and confidence have definitely improved.  I am struggling a bit with Quake's contacts, he has also gained speed and confidence, so much so that he now overstimates the 2 on 2 off and ends up stopping AFTER the dogwalk.  My old man is just being his awesome self...  But the real star is Delta, he is learning 4 new tricks on average a week... he has them all down to command only, and he is LOVING it.  Maybe I should do a little bit of dancing with him... damn, if only there were more hours in a day and more days in a week...  5 dogs, 4 cats, study and work... oh yes and a husband (ducks from Anthony :) ) , sure does take up a lot of time!

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