Monday, November 22, 2010

Quick update on Jonas the sheltie's long journey

Just a very quick update.

Jonas arrived safely at the pet station in Frankfurt, he has been eating well during his trip and coping brilliantly with the travel.  He will be taking off shortly for South Africa.  I will keep everyone updated about his arrival tomorrow.

I owe Jenny (the breeder) endless thank you's for all the wonderful socialization she has done, it has obviously paid off.  By all accounts she has produced the most wonderful companion.  I am so greatful for that she is trusting me with her little boy.

Also to Silke who has gone to so much trouble for me, a million (and more) thank you's.  And for keeping me updated every step of the way.  Haha, even though she wanted to keep my puppy.

Signing off in super-excitement mode! 

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