Friday, November 5, 2010

Training and Space

Arg, I need to find grounds to put my agility equipment...  I mean there is enough space in my garden, but the severe slope and the 12 proteas makes training quite a challenge.  What makes it really frustrating is that there is only one spot where the dogwalk is stable and it is virtually impossible to include it in a sequence or course.  Nevertheless, here is the setup I had in the garden this week, with some of the sequences I ran.


I have done a lot of jump training the last few months, so I was testing to see how far I could push Chaos.  With most of the go-rounds I remained on the landing side to push him to the next obstacle.  To be honest about 30% of the bars dropped the first couple of days, so I had to remain calm and work through it.  By yesterday only about 15% of the bars dropped, with me doing very funny things, like waving my arms and purposefully being in his way.  I really do want him to leave AT LEAST 90% of the bars up, regardless of my position etc.  So there is still some work to do.  Next week I want to work on pre-curving and single obstacle drive again, but I think I will set similar challenges for him the next week.

With Quake I continued working on curving lines and his poles.  He took a slight dip in his poles work, which was to be expected, that is the normal cycle.  But he is trying his little heart out, so it is easy to perservere.

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