Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 'Five-Month Day' Jonas, Jull and Jasmina of the Golden Fir

Yesterday (4 February 2011), the three pups turned 5 months.  In December, Jenny sent me some pics of Jasmina (ESP) and Jull (Ronald Vleminxc - BEL) and I am sure they are doing well.

Jonas, no known as Volt, is definitely doing well, in fact he is awesome!  Except for that time that he made me change him through the garden for 15 minutes with a dead mouse in his mouth... oh, yes and his obsession with our dirty underwear and 'fetching' said dirty underwear (from the closed laundry basket) at the worst times possible.  Anyway still trying to figure out how to take decent stacked pics, but here are a few of the little boy.  He measures at 31.9cm at the moment, so he might be a little bit smaller than I had hoped for, but still the best Sheltie ever!  Even if he has no coat and all legs at the moment!

Nice pic, bad background

Okay background, okay picture

Asleep with his fave toy, fondly named Mr. Blue Man

Perfecting 'The Look'

Hanging out with Ants

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