Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lights, camera, action

Last year we got a little present in the form of a Canon PowerShot G11... not the uber fancy stuff that real dog photographers used, but decent little camera.  Until recently I have not taken much interest in it, other than posed shots using that wonderful button that says 'auto'...  A couple of weeks ago I decided to experiment a bit and try to take some decent action shots of the dogs... here are some of my first attempts...

 Ball, ball, ball, ball, throw ball woman!
 This one came out a little bit blurry, which is a shame, it would have been a nice shot of monster man.

 Note Sheltie going in for the kill... Echo's mane = best tug toy ever
 Sheltie going in for the kill, Quake throwing in a sidestep
 I like running, I want to run the whole day.  Lets run run run!
 F@$k off Sheltie... you scare the crap out of me...
 Got ya!
 Oh crap, the tiny terror is catching up... Have to run faster!
 I bring back, you throw again, right?
 This one is just funny because Quake is nomming grass in the background...
 I know this is actually a terrible picture, because of the shade, but impressed with myself that I caught the 'catching action'
 Prick ear Sheltie
 Volt hassling Echo
Run, run, run, want to run more!

I am not getting the lighting quite right... Our grass seems terribly green... but its getting better than the first complete blurs that I took...

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