Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why I prefer my dogs to people...

So I haven't posted in a little while... I won't say that I have been irritated with agility, I will never be irritated with agility, but I have been irritated by people in agility and by myself...

Let's start with the first part... I serve on our provincial committee, I do some of our national results, I build A LOT of courses, I score, I time keep, I write some articles etc.  I have heard that I apparently do these things for a lot of reasons.... so here is the reality:

1.  I DO NOT want recognition.  Really I don't, some occasional consideration would be nice, but I can even live without that.

2.  I do not do it because I think I am Zeus or any other form of god-like creature or their whiskers.  Honestly I don't think I am better than other people.  If I am 'stand-offish' with you, it is probably because I am in a bad mood or my grandmother died or my husband has p*ssed me off (Anthony generally doesn't mind me writing about him... I think) or something similar.  Seriously I am not good with people, kay?

3.  I do not do it to please other people.  I do not do it to dis-please other people.  Really, you are not that important to me.

4.  I do not do it because I am sleeping with anyone.

5.  I do not do it out of spite or revenge or wrath.  Honestly, I don't have enough energy to devise and execute evil, sneaky plans... Being a super-villain is way too exhausting.

6.  I do, however, do it because I love agility.  I really do.  I honestly feel that you can't just take without giving back.

7.  And I will be honest, I do it because I am one of those annoying, impatient people... I would rather do it myself than have to wait...  So yeah, I am a pain in the arse, that I will give to you.

8. I don't do it because I am bored. Contrary to popular belief, I do actually have a life... so when I actually manage to meet those last minute panicky requests or favours... well I actually made time for it.

Worst part is I cannot even post here why I am so irritable, because people read my blog...  why I don't really know, that bored?  Anyhow, people read this and in the last while it has happened that people intentionally misquoted me or even just made up lies...  Not that I would post it in anyway, since I am not big on airing dirty laundry for the world to see (not my own or anyone else's)...  But do you know what the cool thing is?

Despite all the proverbial shizer that has hit the fan, I STILL love agility.  Of course I always love my dogs and both me and them still enjoy the sport... so bite me people that are stirring!  Woohoo!

The second part however... well that is a difficult one...  I am BEYOND irritated with myself...  Why? Because I suck.  I train almost everyday...  I vary my program, straight through from foundation to very complicated stuff.  And in training I am okay and my dogs are super awesome! In short we get things RIGHT... I am obsessive to the point that I tape 90% of my training sessions and watch them afterwards.  At shows, well my dogs are always super awesome, but I am pretty useless... now as I said, I ALWAYS love agility, but I am also competitive and I would like to get things right.  I have read a load of the mental management books, researched and listened to advice etc... but since I still suck, apparently these things don't quite work for me.  I will keep on trying...  but damn it can be frustrating... well for me, my dogs don't care cos everything is a huge game for them... I can actually read their minds.  All it says is 'ball, ball, ball, tug, go fetch, ooooh run, run, run'...

So I haven't posted because I have been a bit discouraged by 'non-agility related agility issues', if that even makes sense.  But sitting here, after a late evening training session, a load of BC's panting at my feet with the biggest smiles on their faces and a Sheltie puppy using Echo's mane for a tug toy... I know I love agility and I always will, so I will deal with all the retarded and valid crap and all the good things too, because that is part of it...

Here are some more action pics of the boys-e-ohs...

Volt's own living tug toy... poor Echo dog.

Smiling BC

Ball, ball, ball, I have the ball.  Woohoo!

Airborne Sheltie...

I haz it, I do!

Crocodile BC...
So anyhow, tomorrow I will go into duck-mode again.  Enough sulking!


  1. I lost your private email addy or else would have emailed you privately. Just to say I hope that gorgeous little sheltie boy cheers you up! It is hard to get around the Bullsh** sometimes!

  2. Thanks Bernadette... My Sheltie boy really is amazing... Haha, I am already starting to look around for my next Sheltie dog... and this will only be 3 or so years down the line!

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the work you do coordinating all the AWC league round results ... :-)

    We all go through patches like that - hope you feel better soon!

  4. Thanks Ninette, I do appreciate the comment... I love doing what I do, but people are cruel...

    But over it all now, feeling better again and hopefully I will see you in Maritzburg this year!