Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Moments

Hubby has the music cranking and tonight I am in one of those tolerant moods where I can even handle his endless impatient back and forth skipping...  I have BC's chilling at my feet, a Sheltie tugging on the BC's tails/manes/feet, designing my courses for PE and having a glass of wine...  Not a bad evening at all.

A little bit sad that Quake is taking a short break from training, because he has been surprising me more and more.  Of course he is also NOT understanding that a double layer of 17 stitches in total on the inside of his mouth implies that he can actually NOT train or tug or fetch...  Apparently the fact that the left side of his mouth is swollen twice that of the right side does not bug him at all...  A few weeks ago I entered him into a show, just did my own courses with a toy and no poles...  Man did he surprise me, beat me down lines which I DID NOT expect... And Melissa got some nice pics...  Haha, the little shcizo boy jumps so high, very odd...

But other than that I a relatively content tonight... lots of agility to come, possibility of a short trip to the UK in June, HOPEFULLY a trip to France in October?  And awesome (yet occasionally disturbing) dogs... Disturbing you ask?  I have one that is OBSESSED with dirty underwear  (hmmmm, guess that would be considered an inappropriate tug toy at ringside?), one that CANNOT handle me dancing and actually goes ballistic, running through the house barking like a maniac at shadows when I dare dance, one of the dogs barks madly every single time Anthony says the word 'who', one that is apparently terrified of Shelties only when he has a ball in his mouth:  Ball in mouth BC runs away from Sheltie full speed, no ball in mouth, BC plays with Sheltie...  But when I say terrified... I mean tail between the legs, run like bat out of hell in one direction scared, and then I have a dog, that starts demonically eating grass the moment I throw a ball...  Yes, I have weird dogs... probably because I am weird... haha, but if you can guess which dog is which there, you are good :)  And I have to say, I ADORE my weird dogs... how boring would it have been if they were just... well... normal.

Training has gone well this week... just been doing grids (because certain Spazzie BC's that will not be named knocked endlessly last week), contacts and flatwork, but couldn't be happier... my dogs seem to be going through one of their 'responsive periods'... haha, I wish I knew what is making them love me more right now... must be in the water...

All photos used in this post courtesy of Melissa Wilson.

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