Saturday, March 26, 2011


Spaz working hard to keep that bar up

Courage is... well for me it is posting my bad rounds as well as the good ones.  You always see the good rounds on Youtube, sometimes even the nearly theres... but very few people post there bad rounds.  My resolution for this year, was to share EVERYTHING.  So here we go... these are my rounds from today.

And don't worry, Spazzie is 100 % fine after that fall of the dog walk... Don't know how he does it... when I ran it, it felt like he took a bad angle onto it, but when I did a frame by frame, it just appears like he lost track of his back legs.  Not a rare occurrence for him... despite the fact that I make him reverse for kilometers every month and make him stand on his back legs for hours everyday (oh in case this is the first time you read my blog, I DO tend to exaggerate every now and again... just a slight spot you know) Chaos isn't much into the whole 'back leg thing'... I don't know, maybe he just figures he only actually needs two legs.  I am happy with his contact round actually, would have been a good one if he didn't crash the dog walk.

Quake Monster with Flying Hairz and Flying Tonguez

In the jumping first round he did really well... he judges his distances nicely etc.  The Non-contact was a very technical course and I should have gotten it right.  Both mistakes are mine, complete handler failure (What's new?)  But he worked nicely and got some difficult bits right...  Sigh so tomorrow is another day and we will give it another go.  Due to the show raining out on Friday night (which by the way involved me having a one woman wet t-shirt contest, hosted by yours truely), we have six rounds tomorrow to 'give it another go'.

Check woman, I am friggin staring at that contact already!

Haha, after my rant and rave in my previous post, I feel obligated to say the courses and the judging was excellent today, thanks G, B and A for that.  And as another bonus, uber agility photographer, MW, brought me my newest batch of pics today, so now I have tons and tons and tons to upload with my blogposts again... woohoo!

Sheltie haz gotz ballz

As a last thing... My new project should be live by the end of the weekend...  I am starting a website solely dedicated to Agility Course Maps... I have uploaded about 150 courses already and lots more to come.  The idea is to have courses from all over available at your fingertips to train/study/set up/hate/love/practice/crit and just generally enjoy (if you don't enjoy it, that is your problem)...  If anyone wants to submit courses, please email me!!!  I want more more more...


All photos courtesy of Melissa Wilson.

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