Sunday, March 6, 2011

Small Pleasures

So first Champ show of the year done and dusted and of course, I always hope to walk away with a QC or two... which didn't happen, but at least I could find pleasure in some small things...  Me and the Spazmoid really did connect today... if only he would lift his feet...  I know a lot of bloggers that post the 'good' but not the 'bad and the ugly', but that is just not life. So there we go, I am breaking the ice ladies and gents, post some of your S$%^t rounds too... Posting your good rounds after that will inspire people.  Haha, I sound like an American Football movie, don't I? Even in the bad you have to find some positive points... so here is my contact round from Saturday.  Yes, a TON of knocks (guess what certain Spazzie Border Collie dogs will be training this week), but I am happy, very happy with his contacts and with our 'connection'... haha, and the vain side of me HAVE to mention the fact that he was 2 seconds quicker than any other dog over this course (lol, Lust and Wrath done... guess the next tattoo will have to be vanity :) )... which btw Chaos, helps NOTHING if you don't lift your feet... still love you though my boy...

That was yesterday... today, well today was just not such a good day... went to the parentals for lunch (first Sunday off for the year and haven't seen them since Xmas eve, so felt slightly obligated) and was playing with the dogs when I noticed blood on Delta... after confirming it was not his own, the inspection started (you know kind of like an army inspection... checking all the nooks and crannies... on 7 dogs and my brother's cat), when I realised that Quake-Monster had SOMEHOW managed to tear up the inside of his mouth... rushed off to my vet (60km away mind you).  So I can officially say that I touched my dogs bare jaw bone... while he was still alive.  Don't know how the little bugger (yes that was a dirtier word in my mind) did it, but here is the concise version.  Quake has a gash/cut/rip in his gums (yes INSIDE his mouth) right down to the jaw bone.  Me and Martin (my beyond awesome vet) estimate the total length of the cut at 7 cm.  Moral of the story, the monster is getting hectically stitched first thing in the morning....  Did he yelp?  Did he whine?  Did he STOP playing?  Did he show ANY sign of being hurt?  Did he mind random people TOUCHING his bare naked jaw-bone... erm NO.  Okay, so I am making a joke of this, but my point is that we don't give our dogs nearly enough credit.  If that injury got inflicted upon me... I would be writhing in pain and stoning destiny!  I would...  I would be blaming the entire planet earth and zeus for my suffering.  But not our dogs, no, for them life is easy... it is either fun or not fun.  For my sweet (yet schizophrenic/autistic) monster, life was still fun, so screw everything else...  Gotta love them... I am hurting for his sake, I am worried about the anesthetic, I am worried about how he will heal, I feel like CRAP for 'letting' this happen to him (even though no-one has a clue how it DID happen), but for him... it is simple, he has fun with me, he loves me, so nothing else matters... how the hell did I get so lucky?

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