Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The New Project

The new project is now live!!! Woot!

Still uploading courses daily as I receive them, but here it is...

My idea is to create a massive database of agility courses all on one page... no more googling ten million websites, going through hundreds, only to find that they are not translatable in google or that they no longer exist or that they haven't been updated for 7 years...  I will be keeping everything up to date and continually looking for more courses to add... so if anyone would like to contribute, please email me!  Or send any suggestions or comments or whatever you would like.... a favourite saying of the computer nerd hubby is always 'agility addicts all over the world unite' (a very loose adaption from Hackers for those that did not know)... so this is the plan...

Anyhow, I hope it gets used.... so let's see what happens!

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