Friday, February 18, 2011

When Loki meets Thor...

Well, it's actually when Loki meets Volt, but I wanted to do the whole mythological thing, okay?

We have this cat, well we know he is a cat and in fact he was quite happy with being a cat for the first few months in his life.  Then he tragically lost his leg in 2008 and to compensate for the loss of a limb, he developed some psychological issues.  Loki know thinks he is a human crossed with a cat crossed with a dog.  Volt of course thinks this is awesome, what could possibly be more fun to play with than a 'Sheltie sized schizophrenic cat toy' who always acts like he has smoke weed, right?

Come on please dude... play with me... pretty please...  I will play super nice, promise!

Please, please please,please,please!!!

Oh fine, I am getting up already, give me a second. Just behave...

See, I play nice, I grab your ear with my very sharp teeth...

Oi, little dog thing, can you not see mean evil scary look???

Your scary look does not intimidate me... play play play play PLAY (here sounds of Volt's brain roasting as it goes into play overdrive)

I am warning you dude!

Hijaaaa!  Take that little Sheltie monster!!!

Shame the hard life of Loki, tiring Sheltie puppies out...

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